Towards Quality Life!

Towards Quality Life!

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Whole Body Magnetic Resonance Imager

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Whole Body Magnetic Resonance Imager

The New Millennium Frontier in MR Imaging

With growing demand and emphasis on the enhancement of the human health and happiness in the new Millennium, the world now focuses on the applications if the advanced medical technology that directly relates to the human lives.

SPITI has been clinically proven and evolved system featuring not only a complete range of routine clinical imaging protocols but also a bundle of advanced application packages.

In addition, powerful 8/16 channel subsystems provide exceptional image quality and fast imaging capability. Patient handling subsystem provide patient comfort and reduced patient anxiety.

The remote access capability via internet can provide a 24 hours global maintenance service to customers worldwide.

  • Solid investment
    -Digital spectrometer
    -Powerful gradient system
    -Upgradeable computer platform
    -Combined research packages
  • Patient Comfortable
    -8/16 Channel Phased Array coli and positioning Convenience
  • User Friendly
    -Remote coli identification
    -Automatic table movement
    -remote patient handling
  • Superconducting Magnet
    -Compact, ergonomic
    -Large bore diameter
    -Short Length
    -High homogeneity covering up 50cm D.S.V
    -Minimum helium consumption

Site Installation

Major Subsystem

  • Magnet
  • Gradient System
  • RF System
  • Computer System
  • Standard P.A Coils (8/16 CH)